THINK BIG! THINK BIG! Yes I said it twice so your picking up what I'm laying down. Don't place yourself in a box your not meant to be placed in. 

Since my recent departure from my job, my mind frame has done a complete 360. What's funny is when I did my interview for my current job, my boss asked me a question that really triggered pushing my limits. Towards the end of the interview my now boss asked what are my goals as far as the company. I told him I was aiming for the Social Media Manager position they have open. He responded with don't limit yourself, Dom, you never know what you're capable of. 

At the the beginning of January after my first vision board party, my best friend and her cousin who has become my cousin too decided to think big and start a business. Every two weeks or so we meet up to write out ideas and calculate our moves. We each bring an individual piece of the puzzle together. You have 3 essential components. The realist ( Chrissy) the initiator (Ciara) the creator ( Me). Like the late great Biggie Smalls said, Sky is the limit! 

The first meet up was first deciding what our business would intel, sell a product or offer a service. After a few martinis, we decided we wanted to sell a product. Since then we have went from coffee, tea, and finally raw juicing. I'm okay with the change of product ideas, it shows that we are truly dedicated to getting the best product out!

So finally we have a business plan in the works which will be an umbrella effect starting with the trade name Cultivate Her, and DBA as Main Squeeze. A trade name is the business name used by companies to work under a different name from their legal name. DBA stands for doing business as, and conducting that business under a name separately than the LLC name. Every meeting is like a breath of fresh air to collaborate with like-minded people. Currently, we are working on getting the juice press machine ( which cost a pretty penny), taking classes to properly juice, and marketing techniques. The conversation came about to purchase a smaller juicer, but Ciara cut it short with we are thinking BIG so we have to go BIG! 

✨This weeks homework: Find 10 financial sources a piece to find the press machine. ✨ 

The mission of Main Squeeze: Our mission is to cultivate. We have it as our vision to cultivate, love, respect, vulnerability, relationships, change, and goodness to those we know and don't know!

Main squeeze coming to a city near you!