Let Me Get That Aux Cord

I'm pretty versatile when I comes to music I like to listen to. It all really depends on my mood. One minute I'm a bag lady like Ms. Badu and the next I'm a trap star because Jeezy said so! I've said it before that I was born in the wrong generation, but I know for sure I was born in the wrong generation far as my ear for music. I miss the old 90s R&B, when groups like Dru Hill actually sang about love and had dance routines. I don't know about you but I miss Puffy dancing all in the videos! Lol Nowadays artist have no real influence when it comes to creating music, as long as it has a dope beat, people latch on. I will not lie I do it too, but after the song goes off I sit there like what the hell did I just listen to? Don’t get me wrong I like new artist like Nipsey Hussle, H.E.R and Detroit’s own Sada Baby. One way or another my ears just go back to the oldie but goodie music. Maybe I'm just getting old! I wanted to share what is currently in heavy rotation for myself.

 Click the music icon above or the link below to listen to my playlist. Feel free to leave a comment!


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