My word for this year is ”business!” Upon leaving my previous job I had several business ideas for myself including this blog. However, having an idea and actually getting it started are two different things. I am a serious procrastinator! I'll start with a great idea get so far then stop and move to the next idea before completing the first. I think we as humans become procrastinator when we believe something is hard, requires too much time, or fear of failure. 

As of lately, I've been on a kick crushing my thoughts of failure, believing it's too hard, or I don't have time. I'm telling you once you accomplish one thing that you have been pushing off, you will feel like you can do anything! My reasoning for getting into credit repair is similar to a lot of my business partners. I started off inquiring about the credit repair program after seeing post on Instagram by my now business partner Demetrea Bradford. We set up a time for a call and the rest is history. Learning that I too could be a FES agent while repairing my own credit pushed me to sign up. 

Like most young people I made some mistakes when it came to my credit simply because I didn't know any better. Constantly opening new lines of credit, late payments, or letting accounts go to collections. Credit is too important to play around with and even harder to repair on your own. I know so many people between the age of 28-40 who have filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. That is terrible! 

Not only does FES offer credit repair we also offer, credit alerts, identity protection and a savings plan calculator. I was intrigued by the other trade libes  as well such as credit my rent, or secure card. The list does not stop there. The opportunities are limitless. 

Trying to remove  

1. Repos

2. Bankruptcies  

3. Student Loans,  

4. Collections  

5. Charge offs  

I’m the girl to help you!  

I took on this business role not only to repair my own credit but I want to be an  informant for my generation, who don't know much about credit and those outside my generation who learned late about credit importance.  


Feel free to contact me for more information! I'm here to help 📈✨