Healthy Junk.. Oops I Mean Snacks


Summer is coming! If you didn't know well now you do. I know what you are thinking, girl it's still cold, and rainy outside. This is true, but we all know how summer can just pop up unexpected like a pimple on your face! My question to you is are you ready? Is that bawdy together or at least halfway to your goal? Eating healthy contributes about 80% to helping you drop pounds. You can go crazy at the gym, tearing up the treadmill or killing it on the stair master all you want. However, if your eating habits do not match your workout your body will NOT show all your hard work at the gym but rather that cookie you ate.Trust me I understand how hard it is to eat healthy. Even though I do workout I still have my food weaknesses. I am a sucker for chips and ice cream! I'm here to help you my friend. Like I mentioned before I love love love Pinterest. I use it for just about everything, especially food ideas. So recently while I was on Pinterest looking up food of course, I came up with a bright idea to make a category for healthy ”junk food.” I'm not sure what your weaknesses may be but here are a few recipes I came across about how to create healthy substitutes.I really hope this helps spark up more ideas to your liking. Enjoy!