Lately I have been struggling with feeling satisfied with my life. Like most people, I am pretty hard on myself. For starters I criticize myself for not completing my bachelor degree before I turned 25. I criticize my career path asking myself, Can you really see yourself blogging for life? Is journalism the right career choice?

You ever get to a point where you feel like nothing you are doing is enough and you should be doing way more. Well, I hit that wall and it left me unsure about my passions, dreams, and overall accomplishments. A close friend reminded me I’m on the right path and gave me a great activity to do for times when I forget. The activity came from the hit show Being Mary Jane. She told me to buy mutilcolored sticky notes. Write down how I’m feeling about myself, then on another sticky note write down a scripture or quote that refers to that feeling.

So I started this activity on my kitchen wall with a small chalk board I bought from Target and sticky notes. One day while on the phone with my friend she asked how was I feeling? I simply replied sad and unbalanced. Later on that night I looked up scriptures and came across 1 Peter 5:7. Cast Your anixety on Him because he cares for you. I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The next day I wrote on a sticky note; I feel like I’m not enough. I found a quote on Pinterest, Christ is in me .. I am enough. Throughout the months I have written more motivational notes than ill feelings. For example my business ideas will succeed, a new job is coming your way and stop selling yourself short! I read these notes at all different times of the day everyday. I always believed if you speak positive or write positive it will come about.